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Pain-Free IV Sedation Available

IV Conscious Sedation

About an hour before you arrive at our Clearwater dental office, you will take a light oral sedative, prescribed by Dr. Holloman, to help you relax. Due to the sedative nature of the pill, you will need someone to accompany you to your appointment because you will not be able to drive. When you arrive at our practice, our staff will be waiting for you and will escort you to a private room where you’ll be treated.

Dr. Holloman will gently place an IV and administer medication to help you into a deeper state of relaxation. Once your treatment is complete, you will wake up with little or no memory of the appointment, and with a beautiful, healthy new smile. After the sedation wears off, Dr. Holloman and our staff will make sure that you have recovered enough to be sent home by checking your vitals and mental awareness.

Dr. Holloman has years of experience in handling all types of dental procedures during IV sedation appointments. Many dental offices can only provide light oral sedation which, for the average dental phobic patient, would not provide a truly comfortable experience. Dr. Holloman and our staff have committed to undergo all the additional rigorous training and requirements to be able to provide the level of sedation most dental phobic patients need and want.

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How Oral Sedation Works