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    Can I choose to be Sedated at my dental appointment?

    Dental appointments can often come with a bit of anxiety. The good news is, you certainly can choose to be sedated at your dental appointment. We offer a wide range of sedation options to make your visit more comfortable. We understand that dental procedures aren’t always a walk in the park, but being sedated can help you relax, get through your procedure with ease, and even make the experience pleasurable.

    In fact, choosing to be sedated during your dental appointment can be a game changer. It can mean the difference between a stressful, uncomfortable experience and a smooth, relaxed one. With sedation options customized to your needs, you can have your dental health cared for in a stress-free environment. Our sedation dentistry service has helped numerous patients triumph over their dental apprehensions. So sit back, relax, and let us take care of you.

    What Are The Different Dental Sedation Options?

    Each sedation option has unique strengths designed to cater to different patient needs and procedure requirements.

    Conscious Sedation / IV Sedation

    This method is used to put the patient in a state of deep relaxation whilst still being conscious, thus combining the benefits of pain relief and calmness. Administered intravenously, this type of sedation allows the dentist to continually adjust the level of sedation, ensuring total patient comfort throughout a procedure.

    Light Sedation

    It is milder compared to IV sedation and is ideal for individuals who might simply suffer from slight anxiety, but not a phobia. Light sedation is typically administered orally or via inhalation and leaves the patient in a relaxed, but wholly responsive state. This type of sedation diminishes anxiety while allowing the patient to communicate with the dentist during the procedure.

    Nitrous Sedation

    Also known as laughing gas, is a popular method of dental sedation. Mixed with oxygen and inhaled through a mask placed over the nose, nitrous sedation provides a sense of euphoria and well-being. The effects of this gas are nearly immediate and dissipate quickly once the mask is removed. This way, patients can drive themselves home after their appointment without lingering side effects.

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    I’ve been going here for over a decade, I honestly have great teeth health so I’m only here for cleanings but I’m a huge fan. Dr. Holloman is incredibly friendly, very chill and his whole staff are always sweet. My hygienist Michelle is lovely & Maria the Office Manager is the glue that holds it all together. I’m very happy here, I’m a lifer.
    Amy Fitch
    My recent visit for dental cleaning (thank you, Michelle!) can best be described as consistently excellent. From the front office to the clinical ‘back office’, I felt personally welcomed and competently cared for. I deeply appreciate the entire team at Dr Holloman’s!
    Patricia Lucas
    Coming from a patient that has always feared any and all dental procedures, this practice is great. Since my first experience with them several years ago, they have made visiting their office a positive one. I know that it will be pain and anxiety free with great and professional, caring staff.
    Rick Miller
    Love, love, love everything about this dental office. Excellent dental care from the moment you walk through the door to the end of your appointment. Dr.Holloman is the best and his staff wonderful!
    Karla Strader

    Dr. Holloman earned his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry, where he graduated with honors. Following dental school, Dr. Holloman completed OU’s Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency program, gaining invaluable experience in the fields of implant, cosmetic, surgical, and sedation dentistry. Since then, he has taken hundreds of hours of continuing education. Dr. Holloman is also a member of several dental organizations, including the American Dental Association (ADA).

    Dr. Holloman and his family moved to Florida in 2008. He and his wife have three children. Dr. Holloman’s wife is a third-generation Clearwater native, and together they are very happy to be raising their children in the area. In his personal time, Dr. Holloman loves to play golf, follow his favorite football teams, and participate in a men’s Bible study group.

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