Green CT 2


Dr. Holloman is committed to making sure that the dental care we offer is of the highest quality and safety. One of the ways we do this is by investing in the latest innovations in dentistry, including our recent acquisition – VATECH Green CT 2 technology. We are proud to be one of the first dental practices in the area to offer this cutting-edge tool which will help facilitate superior accuracy, safety, and execution of a wide range of dental treatments.

What is VATECH Green CT 2 Technology?

Green CT 2 is an advanced 4-in-1 digital x-ray imaging system that enables us to see every aspect of your mouth and teeth with just one device. This is because the Green CT 2 system enables us to produce both 2d and 3d images of your teeth. The process is entirely painless and straightforward. A small bite stick is placed between your front teeth. Once the bite stick is in place, the scanner is rotated around you in order to obtain a clear view of intraoral structures from every angle.

What Does VATECH Green CT 2 Technology Detect?

Our Green CT 2 scanner can be used to detect a wide range of dental issues including:

  • Cavities and decay
  • Broken and damaged teeth
  • Impacted teeth
  • Jawbone recession
  • Jawbone fractures
  • Infection
  • Misalignment
  • Wisdom tooth issues
  • Dental implant failure

Additionally, Green CT 2 can be used to create 3D model scans which enable us to store impressions as digital molds, and as a tool for the planning and placement of dental implants.

VATECH Green CT 2 for BETTER Dental implants

Green CT 2 technology is particularly beneficial when it comes to the planning and execution of dental implants. Dental implants require extremely precise placement so that they do not disturb any major blood vessels or nerves in the mouth or jaw. Green CT 2 technology helps us to place implants in the perfect location to maximize their stability in the bone and to make restoring the implant easier and less expensive.

Reduced radiation

Safety is a major concern of our patients and of ours, and we are dedicated to ensuring that our processes are as safe as possible. For this reason, x-ray imaging is limited and only ever undertaken when necessary. The Green CT 2 device enables us to take high-quality, highresolution images while still using an extremely low dose of radiation. In fact, Green CT 2 uses up to 70% less radiation than other alternatives.

Fast scanning time

The Green CT 2 scans at a much faster pace than traditional scanning technology, reducing the duration which a patient needs to remain completely still. This allows for far superior clarity of the images produced. It’s also especially good news for children and those with physical or cognitive disabilities who may otherwise struggle to undergo normal radiographs and other imaging.

​​​​​​​We have invested in VATECH Green CT 2 technology to support our commitment to bringing the latest tools and technology to our practice so that we can provide the safest and most effective treatments for our patients. To find out more about Green CT 2 and how it can benefit you, please contact our dedicated dentistry team by calling our office in Clearwater, FL today.