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The Success Of Dental Implants In Clearwater FL

Dental Implants provide an ideal solution when tooth loss is imminent or has already occurred. The patient’s overall health is reviewed and a thorough dental examination is completed to determine candidacy for a successful implant procedure. Some of those factors include:

Dental Health

If there are any indications of gum disease such as bleeding, swollen gums; gum tissue pulling away from teeth; or teeth feeling loose, your dentist will initiate a plan to treat gum disease before moving forward. Poor dental health due to negligence may be an indicator that the patient might not provide the care needed for a successful outcome.

Bone Strength

Dental x-rays will provide a picture of bone strength in the gums where the implant is to be placed.  Lack of sufficient bone does not automatically eliminate candidacy for a dental implant; bone augmentation procedures are available to enhance bone if needed.

Tobacco Use

If a patient smokes or uses tobacco in any form, the success rate for the dental implant procedure is put in jeopardy. Many dental providers will not consider moving forward with the implant procedure without the promise of quitting. Periodic dental visits will reveal if the patient has stuck with their commitment. With the financial investment and time required for a successful dental implant, patients moving forward must take this very seriously.

Daily Maintenance

Your dentist will explain the importance of keeping the implant area clean to prevent infection. You will be taught how to brush and floss the implant area. It is also extremely important to protect the implant while bone is fusing to the implant. This occurs during the healing period which usually takes several months after the implant has been placed.


Bone will fuse to the implant incorporating the implant so completely it will become a permanent part of the dental anatomy. Just as the root of a tooth provides strength and support for the tooth, the implant will provide the same for the restoration that will eventually be bonded to it.

After Care

The final restoration will match surrounding teeth making it undetectable. Caring for your implant and restoration requires nothing special. Daily brushing and flossing coupled with regular six month visits to the dentist for cleaning and examination should allow your dental implant to provide a tooth replacement that will last a lifetime.

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