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Clearwater FL Cosmetic Dentist Offers Teeth Whitening

Have you tried to whiten your smile with over the counter products and were disappointed with the results? Many people become frustrated with the concept of teeth whitening because they have had negative experiences with popular teeth whitening products like toothpastes and strips purchased in supermarkets or large pharmacies. These products normally cannot lighten more than surface stains because their formulas cannot penetrate the enamel surface of teeth.

Fortunately, our cosmetic dentist offers an effective solution for brightening the color of your smile. Our practice offers Zoom! professional teeth whitening. This in-office system safely brightens teeth up to ten shades lighter in just one office visit.

How does Zoom! whitening work?

Zoom! teeth whitening works by applying a prescription-strength whitening solution over the outer surfaces of teeth and accelerating the lightening process with a safe laser. All soft oral structures like the linings of cheeks and the gingiva are protected by placing liquid dam and gauze over them. During treatment, patients will relax in our comfortable examination chairs where they can listen to music or read.

How many whitening treatments are needed?

Since a Zoom! whitening treatment is very effective, most patients only receive one or two in a calendar year. Once Zoom! lifts permanent old stains, patients can focus on maintaining their newly-brightened smiles.

Preventing the development of stains means that people should practice proper oral hygiene, receive routine checkups and cleanings, and avoid food/beverages that contribute to the formation of new stains. We recommend abstaining from or reducing exposure to items like coffee, red wine, soda, berries, and beets to keep one’s smile white. Some folks find straws helpful for reducing exposure to beverages that can stain teeth because straws push liquid to the back of the mouth.

Another way that patients can maintain the results of a professional teeth whitening treatment is to touch up their smiles with a prescription take-home whitening kit from our practice.

For more information about improving your smile, call the office of Dr. Andrew Holloman to reserve a consultation with our cosmetic dentist.